“The roster of the Cooperative Hall of Fame tells the story of the U.S. cooperative community through the lives and accomplishments of extraordinary individuals.  Induction to the Cooperative Hall of Fame is reserved for those who have made genuinely heroic contributions to the cooperative community”Gasper Kovach, Jr., CDF Board Chair


Induction into the Cooperative Hall of Fame is the highest honor that the U.S. cooperative community bestows on the extraordinary men and women who have made GENUINELY HEROIC contributions in support of the cooperative form of enterprise.


What’s heroic? Consult the attached guide that identifies many of the “Qualities of a Co-op Hero”.  You will see these heroic qualities in the lives and careers of those who already have been inducted (www.heroes.coop).  You also will recognize these qualities in the accomplishments of some of your colleagues…those who you are now thinking about nominating to the Cooperative Hall of Fame.


No single path.  The stories of those on the Cooperative Hall of Fame roster demonstrate that there is no single path to induction in the Cooperative Hall of Fame.  The roster – present and future – is a place for individuals with widely differing experiences and from all cooperative sectors:

  • Some are volunteers, while others are public officials or leaders of cooperative organizations
  • Some are honored at the end of their careers or posthumously, while others are honored at the mid-points of their careers with years of service and accomplishment ahead of them
  • Some are working locally or regionally and others are working nationally or internationally


What they share.  What they all have in common is a belief in the cooperative idea and a track record of accomplishments that have benefited the cooperative community. Individually and collectively, they have enhanced and advanced cooperative enterprises, empowered people through their association with cooperatives, and contributed to the broader acceptance of the cooperative model in the United States and around the world.   We are honored to have them as members of the Cooperative Hall of Fame.